The Centration Roadmap

Here you can get an overview of how Centration started, and how we hope to continue it over the coming years.

The concept for Centration was born, inspired by the gameplay behind Space Station 13, and underwent various iterations of design and prototyping.

Centration launched and indiegogo campaign to raise some initial funds to support development. The campaign ended with $5,121 raised by 132 backers.

Centration was Greenlit on Steam.

Launched a Kickstarter, but cancelled with low expectations of gaining the funding goal.

Centration entered Early Access on Steam with a very early prototype build made with the Unity Engine.

Faced with engine-related blocks and issues with networking, we made the decision to switch to the new but reliable Unreal Engine 4.

With various real-life issues, unforseen circumstances and difficulties with funding, Centration was taken off of the Steam store.

The project underwent variuos changes to try and reinvigorate development, we initially respecced the project to "Centration Survival", which was the first of a 4 smaller games that would culminate in a combination of featuers to a final game.

Clear that Centration Survival would not reach any potential, the Centration team went back to the overal design of Centration and worked on a new prototype that would later become the basis for Centration.

Despite a slow and arduious process, real life issues, funding difficulties and other unforseen circumstances, Centration slowly made progress to a working prototype.

After a long break, Centration pushed its first prototype build in a while to the public branch with the understanding that the early-access backers paid for access despite the condition of the game. This build does not currently reflect the direction of the project.

Disclaimer: This is a tentative roadmap. We may not adhere strictly to this roadmap and it's subject to drastic changes at any time. To stay up to date with the latest news, make sure to join our community.

Redesigned website launched with CentNet integration.

Single-Sign-On accross forums, CentNet and other linked services, such as the Bug Tracker and Wiki.

MVP - Minimum Viable Product - a build with all our core features and minimum viable playability as proof-of-concept for future content to be built on.

Alpha Early Access on Steam - release of Alpha Early Access on Steam.

  • Beta Release
  • Modding
  • Map Editor
  • Persistence
  • Full Release
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